White people who mention “Irish Slaves” are too stupid to talk to.


White People and American Slavery

white folks dodge racism discussionI’ve said it before; white people will do whatever it takes to NOT talk about American Slavery.  It’s almost like every white person other than Tim Wise wish they could perform Jason Bourne escape and evasion techniques when the topic shows up.  White people practically become Matrix agents, programmed to duck and dodge race discussions, especially slavery discussions, as if they were bullets out to kill them.

Things get even more strange when the white person attempts to continue the discussion.  The white person, who for some strange reason feels he needs to uphold white supremacy at all costs, typically will engage by mentioning “Irish Slaves.”  Yeah, that.

riley-eye Bitch, Please.

When an American white person mentions Irish Slaves, they usually do it to gaslight black people, and legitimize the suppression/oppression of black people in America.

Typically, the white person poses this statement in the guise of…

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