Exclusive: ‘Dear White People’ Tackles the Nuances of Racism and Brings the Conversation to the Forefront. A Review #SXSW

“‘Dear White People’ was a widely reviewed film three years ago. A cursory Google search would confirm it has no racist intent. But that Google search is not embarked upon because they NEED it to be hate speech. They NEED to fight an enemy, lest they sit alone in their own pain. Feelings of being past over by an evolving society,”


Put some respect on ‘Dear White People’s’ name.  In a time where the country is divided and tension is high, Justin Simien’s ‘Dear White People’ brings a refreshing perspective on the topic of “post-racial” liberalism. The Netflix series is based on the 2014 film which focuses on escalating racial tensions at a predominately white college from the perspective of several African American students. Although some of the casting has changed, a lot of the characters from the film make their way into the series.

Simien’s new episodic series of the film (which will start streaming on Netflix April 28th) premiered at the SXSW film festival Monday afternoon. Netflix put up a 30 second teaser on YouTube last month and saw an enormous amount of racist backlash against what was described as an “anti-white” show, which was followed by hashtag “movement” #BoycottNetflix.

Simiens responded to the backlash through tweets, saying “‘Dear White People’…

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