I can’t be a racist because I’m hungry

F.E.Feeley Jr


(Photo: Todd Diemer)

I can’t be a racist. Not that I’ve ever tried but seriously, I just can’t.



I’m serious.


I am always hungry.

I love to cook (see above statement).

My inner fat boy – who is trying to be an out fat boy these days – loves people like he loves cake.

So let’s just break this down, shall we?

Arab Food – you haven’t lived until you’ve had Gallayah (chicken or beef) with Almond Rice.

Jewish Food – FALAFEL – Just Falafel. All of the Falafel, please.

Italian – all of it. ALL OF IT.

Mexican – (See Italian)

Chinese – God Bless General Tso, wherever that baby is.

Japanese – Nom nom nom nom

Vietnamese – PHO!

Tai – see Japanese

German – More Sour Kraut, please

African American – Soul Food? Bless me with some friend chicken, some collard greens cooked with a smoked…

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