Privilege Assessment

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What is privilege? According to Webster’s dictionary, privilege is: “a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor.”

Privilege in social justice circles is seen as any unearned benefit or advantage received in society due to one’s identity. This includes race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, class/wealth, ability, or citizenship status to name a few. Basically, privilege means fitting in with what society has deemed and treats as normal and positive, allowing one benefits. Oppression is due to having traits that society views and treats as negative or outside of the norm, creating discrimination.

Privilege isn’t inherent, it’s a social construct to give certain people power over another people. For example, the construct of white privilege in America allowed wealthy European immigrants to gather their wealth by creating discrimination toward, and between poor Europeans, Africans and Native Americans.

Privilege is something that’s hard for our society to talk about, mostly because on…

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