Tolerance, Understanding, and Acceptance

Don’t tolerate tolerance?



Tolerance is being exposed to something you in some way oppose: you might dislike it or disagree with it, but in response you do nothing; you tolerate it. In other words, to tolerate something is to dislike it but let it happen anyway. This is as opposed to what one might normally do, which would be to intervene and stop what you dislike from happening

A common example of intolerance is when someone is racist, homophobic, or otherwise xenophobic. They might tell a Muslim not to pray in public, or a gay couple not to kiss in public, or a mother not to breast feed her child in public. The xenophobe could have been tolerant and ignored all the things they didn’t like, but instead to chose to act and prevent the things thy thought were bad. Such people do not tolerate things they disagree with.

Tolerance as a Virtue


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