empty conversations

“My mom says I’m getting too dark, because apparently my skin isn’t beautiful even to my mom if it’s not white. ”

Just an Earthling

A day in a life, just observing the conversations around me.

In school they teach us about the victories of the American Revolution, how we saved those “savages” by taking their land, exploiting their resources, how we won WWII, how our righteousness is so great that we must arm middle eastern countries (“No, not because of their abundant oil reserves, but to save them”). Apparently, everyone in the world needs saving. In my history textbook, you can find 1 page about the atomic bombs in Japan, maybe a paragraph about imperialism in the Philippines, a paragraph about the KKK is just briefly mentioned. But everything they don’t teach us was never “Americas’ fault”. My history teacher chuckles as he teaches the lesson, white kids don’t dare to stare at the one black kid. Soon the lesson is over, now they can go back and pretend racism doesn’t exist, history classmates…

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