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    Tolerance, Understanding, and Acceptance 

    Don’t tolerate tolerance?



    Tolerance is being exposed to something you in some way oppose: you might dislike it or disagree with it, but in response you do nothing; you tolerate it. In other words, to tolerate something is to dislike it but let it happen anyway. This is as opposed to what one might normally do, which would be to intervene and stop what you dislike from happening

    A common example of intolerance is when someone is racist, homophobic, or otherwise xenophobic. They might tell a Muslim not to pray in public, or a gay couple not to kiss in public, or a mother not to breast feed her child in public. The xenophobe could have been tolerant and ignored all the things they didn’t like, but instead to chose to act and prevent the things thy thought were bad. Such people do not tolerate things they disagree with.

    Tolerance as a Virtue


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    For White Boys Only 

    by gdill52

    New Economics is Feminist Economics,
    about cooperatively nurturing healthy nutritional investments
    rather than WinLose dyspeptic high risk
    divestment competition games.

    Have you seen a Rockwell 1950’s Lemonade Wars?
    Two girls, both white of course,
    dressed for young Republican success
    scowling at each other on a pristine deserted street
    of the tree-lined suburban variety,
    arms folded across their angry relentless middle-class chests,
    shoulders hunched down for their LoseLose anger battle.

    Each stands before her lemonade stand,
    across the street from one other,
    each with a sign that originally says 10 cents,
    but with a bold line across it,
    replaced below with a somewhat smaller 5 cents,
    also crossed out,
    followed by a 2 cents price war notice,
    about which the entire neighborhood apparently would not give 2 cents
    to get involved.

    Would this be less surprising if we were looking at two white boys?
    How about two brown-skinned boys?
    Does the humor have more of an edge to it?
    Or perhaps it’s no longer funny at all.
    Maybe more about just another racist stereotype
    about not having 2 suburban cents between them,
    about what is intelligent multicultural economic behavior.

    Do you think it more likely two girls might have formed a cooperative?
    Placed their two tables into one larger street presence,
    faced their two signs both up and down the street
    to better alert oncoming traffic,
    rather than aim them across the street at each other
    like weapons of mutual disdain,
    splitting their take at the end of a lovely day
    chattering away with and between more convivial customers.

    But, probably less likely for two boys from the 50’s and 60’s.
    Today, I’m not so sure.
    Perhaps boys and girls, and all between,
    are learning a healthier,
    more fertile,
    way of doing the math,
    finding profit through cooperative ecopolitical relationships.

    We have feminist psychology and therapy and medicine
    and politics
    and theology and history and sociology
    and probably anthropology, for all I know.
    Research and theorem proofing and disproofing
    more likely to unfold through networking circles
    of mutual nurturing
    than competitive marching in financial-support squares
    of irrational distinctions without seminal difference.

    So, why is New Economics not called Feminist EcoPolitics?
    Maybe it is, but not where I live
    and not where I have read,
    but I still hope to see more cooperative lemonade stands
    across suburban and urban and rural divides,
    blending gender divides to make lemonade out of,
    well, whatever you have of potential nourishing value,
    discarding over-heated presumptions of competition,
    to pour out equivalent assumptions of cooperative ecopolitics,
    where Golden Rules apply transgenderally
    as Golden Ratios reply transculturally,
    producing Golden Elixirs of inclusive consumer satisfaction;
    this day we will have done well.

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    What the hell is white fragility anyway? 

    Working on Woking.

    A friend of mine asked me this question the other day, so let’s tackle that shit!

    To make sure I’m fully and accurately answering the question, I’ll share some links at the end of this post from people who are more knowledgable and have done more work on this specific topic than I have. In fact, the definition that I identify with most is from one of the articles you’ll find at the end of this post: White fragility is what happens when a white person prioritizes how it feels to be called racist over how a person of color might feel experiencing racism.

    Before I share links from actual experts and because this is a blog about my own process of education and evolution, I will share with you my personal understanding of what white fragility means.

    First of all, the emotional responses that lead to an expression of white fragility…

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    “I’m Uncomfortable Too…” the Professor Says 

    Try Spinning Counterclockwise

    A couple of days ago, a professor thought he was being cool by introducing role-play into his class, maybe in the tradition of the horrifying Stanford Prisoner Experiment or Jane Elliot’s Blue-Eyed/Brown-Eyed Experiment (that’s not saying those events don’t have their own set of issues, but that’s another story). But he was wrong.

    I know I’m not going to be the last to comment on this, and I know what I’m about to say will be said by many, or have already been said by many (probably people with much more knowledge and understanding of the subject), and yet… here I am.

    To start, I’m going to say that being uncomfortable in the classroom is not necessarily a bad thing, but there are ways to make your students uncomfortable without being racist (or sexist, or some type of -phobic), intentionally or not, and without hurting them. The main aim…

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    My black won’t crack  

    Anthony Everest

    So, very true ..’

    “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work ..’ - James 3:16″


    I want someone to prove me wrong that there are no pro-white, racist agendas, in motion, purported, deliberately orchestrated, routinely and funded underground, in dark twisted seedy places; to further white privileges, in order to derail people of colour.

    I am waiting for that cogent irrefutable proof. Then ⤴ I will change my mind. Like I said; not every white is racist but for the love 💓 of God, the dispicable things, my eyes have witnessed, and experienced personally is more than I can process with my carnal mind – save God’s Amazing graces ..’

    Thank 😌 you God for the life you gave me; and will, over mine. Amen ..’ I pay the devil no mind ..’ – #Aremuorin

    #MercyfulGrace #Gratitude #Praise
    When you get repeatedly harassed…

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    Privilege Assessment 

    Everyday Embellishments

    What is privilege? According to Webster’s dictionary, privilege is: “a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor.”

    Privilege in social justice circles is seen as any unearned benefit or advantage received in society due to one’s identity. This includes race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, class/wealth, ability, or citizenship status to name a few. Basically, privilege means fitting in with what society has deemed and treats as normal and positive, allowing one benefits. Oppression is due to having traits that society views and treats as negative or outside of the norm, creating discrimination.

    Privilege isn’t inherent, it’s a social construct to give certain people power over another people. For example, the construct of white privilege in America allowed wealthy European immigrants to gather their wealth by creating discrimination toward, and between poor Europeans, Africans and Native Americans.

    Privilege is something that’s hard for our society to talk about, mostly because on…

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    Steve King: Did he tweet white nationalist talking points? 

    Factually Challenged Nation

    Claim: It is claimed that a tweet made by Representative Steve King represents a white nationalist talking point.

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    My Multi-Cultural Childhood Could be the Answer to Racism & Xenophobia 

    our little blue rock

    Recently, I began wondering why I have always had an innate interest in cultures that are not my own, why I’ve been driven constantly to put myself out of my comfort zone, why I am forever bewildered and stupefied by those who are not like me. Furthermore, why do others not share my interest instead meeting other cultures with racism and xenophobia?

    I hadn’t taken seriously the fact that I had grown up with many different cultures, but then I began realizing I had all kinds of culture sprinkled into my life, and I couldn’t imagine my upbringing without them. Perhaps the answer to xenophobia, the answer to prejudice, the answer to racism is subjecting children to other cultures to enrich their lives and broaden their perspectives early on. The friends I’ve had over the years have taught me to open my mind and stay interested in people I am different…

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    I can’t be a racist because I’m hungry 

    F.E.Feeley Jr


    (Photo: Todd Diemer)

    I can’t be a racist. Not that I’ve ever tried but seriously, I just can’t.



    I’m serious.


    I am always hungry.

    I love to cook (see above statement).

    My inner fat boy – who is trying to be an out fat boy these days – loves people like he loves cake.

    So let’s just break this down, shall we?

    Arab Food – you haven’t lived until you’ve had Gallayah (chicken or beef) with Almond Rice.

    Jewish Food – FALAFEL – Just Falafel. All of the Falafel, please.

    Italian – all of it. ALL OF IT.

    Mexican – (See Italian)

    Chinese – God Bless General Tso, wherever that baby is.

    Japanese – Nom nom nom nom

    Vietnamese – PHO!

    Tai – see Japanese

    German – More Sour Kraut, please

    African American – Soul Food? Bless me with some friend chicken, some collard greens cooked with a smoked…

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    dance, dancing, white people, feeling it, dallask Gif For Fun 

    Businesses in USA

    dance, dancing, white people, feeling it, dallask Gif for Fun at your Time

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